Mother’s Day

Mother and Child, 1901 by Pablo Picasso

You’ll never know how much you owe
For all she did, but you should know
That every day is Mother’s Day
Not just the one that’s set in May

B. N. Faraj


The Morning-After Pill


Researchers are busy perfecting the morning-after pill to undo the effect of that wild November 8, 2016 night! Some think they may need a rape kit too!

B. N. Faraj


Marriage Counseling for Clint and Dina Eastwood

Romney Accepts Party Nomination At The Republican National Convention

Feeling for the Guy

Poor Clint, I hope he got the hint
The wife was ending their affair
He won’t be lone for long, for Clint
Can even charm an empty chair!

Feeling for the Gal

Dina, I’m sure you played no part
That led your man to his despair
It was the bed that fell apart
And made him want to seek a chair!

It’s not your fault, your legs are two
And dirty Clint is craving more
It’s him, not you! What can you do?
He simply fell for one with four!