An Imperfect Constitution


That the Constitution is an imperfect document is understandable. But its omission of ways to impeach a president-elect is unforgivable! 

B. N. Faraj




The first three letters of the CONstitution…

The first three letters of the CONstitution are all about Trump! He never got past those three!

B. N. Faraj


God’s Gift to Humanity


A rapist wants to build a wall
Because he cares about us all

And claims to want to give us hope
To fuck around, abuse and grope

We’re thrilled, aroused and just can’t wait
For him to make the country great

He gropes and fucks with no regrets
He feels no shame while barking threats

A businessman who wipes his debts
And robs the poor and cheats the vets

A gift from God he seems to think
But can’t explain the awful stink

It’s easy! God just took a dump
And blessed us all with Donald Trump.

B. N. Faraj